Sunday, November 20, 2011

Old Knight of Swords design

Artists are part squirrels, in case you didn't know.

While I like to think I'm really organized, I still find myself choosing new and better places to be the official spot for things -- and then forgetting them.  It amounts to being just like one of those skitzy rodents that can't remember where all they buried the pecans.  Right now they are stuffing some in my potted plants whenever they take a break from eating the neighbors left over jack o' lanterns.

Anyway, while cleaning up, I found another one of my squirrel caches of old illustrations - these over a decade old.

Here is one of the first illustrations for Tarot of the Dead, the Knight of Swords.  Initially I was pretty stuck on the idea of doing a very clean Marseille/Playing card inspired deck, and I'm glad I let that go.

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