Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Cursed Wheel of Fortune

When I was in school, I had an art teacher who kept insisting that you should always, always sell your work.  If you gave it away, whether as gifts or otherwise, you were setting the wrong precedent as most folks think that making art is so much fun, it's not 'real work' and you'd do it anyway.  Or artists don't learn a skill, they are just 'talented' and poop out work really quickly, so they can give lots away and just make more.  Later, when several students work was stolen, she tried to convince them that this was a form of flattery.

I don't know...  I'm not able to make a living from my illustrations.  I give work as gifts.  I donate work to fundraisers.  And I also have things stolen and, sadly,  I've never felt flattered at all.

 The year after self publishing the deck, I had an art show at Cafe Mundi that included several originals of the cards.  The staff took down the work at the end of the show, and unfortunately, someone found the opportunity to walk off with one of the framed cards, the Wheel of Fortune.

As this is a tarot deck, it goes without saying that stealing this has enacted a curse on the piece.  Fill in your own grisly details -- I'm sure you're quite right.

If by any chance, the current holder (I won't say 'owner') would like to be relieved of the curse, they could always return it.  I won't ask any questions.

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