Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kickstarter Update/Stolen Child Tarot

So my Kickstarter project to get the Stolen Child Tarot of the ground didn't quite reach it's funding goal. 

I'm almost done pouting about it. 

I met a lot of great people into the art and a lot of hard core Tarot enthusiasts, so that's awesome.  However since it would have given me a job through the holidays, I can't help but be disappointed it didn't reach the mark.  Hopefully it's something I'll be able to come back to in the future. 

The Kickstarter link is still live if you want to see the art or read the updates.  You're welcome to drop me a line if you would like an email about any news of the future of the deck.  (No spam, just want to alert people if/when work continues on it.)

Thanks again to everyone for all the support and enthusiasm about the project!


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