Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Signed Decks

In producing the deck, we opted to do as much of the assembly work as possible, primarily because the cost of printing a full color deck is, well, intimidating.

Decks were delivered to us matched and rubber banded, unwrapped. The windowed boxes came separately. We bought a shrink wrap outfit and had a party with friends to put everything together. One pair folded booklets, others put decks in boxes and after some practice, one soul manned the heat gun and shrink wrapped them.

During assembly, the first 100 decks were signed and numbered. These decks were randomly mixed in the shipments, with no rhyme or reason. For each of these the card that became the Llwellyn card back design was shifted to the front to provide a better area to write on.

The 1st edition deck on the right shows a hole in the shrinkwrap--this happened a lot! On the left is a signed and numbered deck.

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